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Sunset Models NYC "R MOTOR" R-2 Electric Locomotive And Chicago South Shore and South Bend 700 Series Electric - Reservation

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NYC R Motor R2 - Chicago South Shore & South Bend

MSRP $799.95 ----- Our Price $795.00

 R-Motor was the class designation given by the New York Central one prototype and a later fleet of 42 ALCO-GE built electric freight locomotives for use in the New York Electrified Zone. In conjunction with the P Motors, the R's marked the second generation of electric locomotives built for the New York Central. Also like the P Motors they used advanced nose suspended traction motors and the R-2s were some of the first North American locomotives to make use of the C-C wheel arrangement, which later became the standard for diesel electric road freight. The first R Motor was developed as a response to the Kaufman Act which banned steam locomotive use throughout the city and required the New York Central to eliminate street running along its 10th Avenue freight route. After evaluating the first R class prototype for freight service, a modified design of 42 additional class R-2 locomotives were ordered and spent their careers working out of the limelight hauling freight on the West Side Freight Line and other portions of the electrified zone. Later, a few R-2s were sent went for Detroit River Tunnel service to supplement the agingsteeplecab electric locomotive fleet until a new ventilation system for diesel operations was installed in 1953.[1] In the 1950s some R's were sold to the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend for freight service on that road.  

  • All Brass Construction

  • High Precision Mechanism, Smooth and Quiet

  • ERR CRUISE in 3 Rail TMCC/ New OEM Railsounds

  • Compatible with Legacy, DCS, TMCC, Conventional

  • Coil Couplers in 3 Rail

  • Available in 2R 56" Radius or 3R 054 3 Rail Track