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Sunset Models D&RGW L-105 4-6-6-4 Challenger - Reservation

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D&RGW L-105 4-6-6-4 Challenger

MSRP: $2299.95 ----- Our Price: $2250.00

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Announcing Sunset Models next "Anniversary Series" Brass Masterpiece: Available in Black or Green Livery and Early or Late Lettering.

Only 50 2 Rail and 50 3 Rail being produced.

1. Green Boiler, Rising Sun, Early Lettering (Green Early)
2. Green Boiler, Rising Sun, Flying Rio Grande Lettering (Green Late)
3. Green Boiler, Chevron, Flying Rio Grande Lettering (Green 1941)
4. Black Boiler, Chevron, Early Lettering (Black Early)
5. Black Boiler, Chevron, Flying Rio Grande Lettering (Black Late)

Features Include:
All Brass Construction

Fully Detailed Backhead w/Back Lit Dials

ERR CRUISE in 3 Rail TMCC/ New OEM Railsounds

QSI "Titan" DCC / Sound in 2 Rail

Compatible with Legacy, DCS, TMCC, Conventional

Super Smoke and Coil Couplers in 3 Rail

Available in 2R 48" Radius or 3R 054 3 Rail Track


Estimated Delivery: TBA