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Casco Coin & Bullion

Casco Coin & Bullion
Norman W Pullen - Rare Coins

About Norman

Norman W. Pullen, owner, started collecting coins as a child. He bought and sold coins throughout college and then continued on to operate a five location coin business in New Jersey.

Norman became a consultant for the Federal Trade Commission investigating rare coin fraud. He was accepted by PCGS as a professional coin grader working for them one week a month in California grading rare coins.  Eventually Norman and his family ended up in Maine where he assisted in the establishment of Maine Gold and Silver in which he is currently the sole owner.

Norman has 55 years experience in the rare coin industry and has now created Casco Coin & Bullion as a side line business that he will be using to sell his own personal collections. 

To contact Norman about buying or selling please email him at cascocoinandbullion@gmail.com