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C&O Streamlined Hudson and "The Chessie" - Reservations 

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C&O Streamlined Hudson 

Available in Early Orange or Late Chessie Yellow

MSRP $1699.95 --- Our Price $TBA

The No. 490 was constructed by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO) for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O) in 1926. As one of the five F-19 4-6-2 "Pacific" locomotives built for the C&O, the No. 490 was used on passenger trains on the mainline east of Charlottesville and west of Clifton Forge. In 1930, the No. 490 was assigned to the "Sportsman," the premier C&O passenger train at the time. Later, the No. 490 was transferred to the "George Washington." The No. 490 and other 4-6-2s operated between the Cincinnati and Washington route until 1942 when the C&O replaced the "Pacifics" with new heavy Baldwin 4-8-4. The No. 490 and other 4-6-2s continued to run as secondary passenger trains during World War II. (B&O Railroad Museum)  

The Chessie

Available in Early Orange or Late Chessie Yellow

MSRP $2099.95 ---- Our Price $TBA

Extra Coach & Dome Coach

MSRP $349.95  --- Our Price $TBA

Also being offered is "The Chessie". A train of streamlined budd cars that were to be part of the L-1 and M-1, but arrived too late.

The Cars were delivered in Orange, but by then the Engines were painted in Yellow. These cars are being made in both orange and yellow letterboard  with "THE CHESSIE" written across it.  

6 Car Set:

Baggage/Coach Dome -  Dormitory/Lunch -Counter/Kitchen - Dining Room / Theater Dome - Observation

Extra Cars Available: Coach - Dome Coach