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B&O Capitol Limited 8 Car Set - Reservation

If you'd like to reserve any of the items on this page, please use the "reserve" button to send us an email. Please include your name, shipping address, item name, rail, road name and quantity. You will receive an electronic reservation confirmation to review once your order has been received and processed.

Budd 16-4 Sleeper Dome Car  

Observation Lounge (Wawasee)

16-4 Budd Sleeper (Thrush)

10-6 Sleeper Smooth (Tygart)

10-6 Sleeper Fluted (Schuylkill)

8 car Set Includes:

Combine (Smooth Sided, Blue and Grey Colors)
Twin Unit Diner / Kitchen (Smooth Sided with Black Roof and Fluting Added, Blue, Grey and Silver)
10-6 Sleeper (Smooth Sided with Fluting Added, Blue, Grey and Silver)
10-6 Sleeper (Smooth, Blue, Grey and Silver)
Dome Car - BUDD Sleeper, Silver with Blue Stripe on Letterboard
BUDD 16-4 Sleeper (Budd Fluted, Silver)
Observation Lounge (Smooth Sided with Fluting Added, Blue, Grey and Silver)

Extra Cars Available

BUDD Dome Car
BUDD 16-4 Sleeper

10-6 Sleepers, Both Fluted and Smooth  

B&O 8 Car Set  MSRP $2399.95

B&O Extra Dome Car MSRP $399.95

B&O Extra 10-6 Fluted MSRP $324.95

B&O Extra 10-6 Smooth MSRP $324.95

B&O  Extra BUDD Sleeper MSRP $324.95   

Email or call for our discounted pricing. 

In January, 1951, the Baltimore & Ohio introduced domes to its premiere Pullman train, the Capitol Limited. Like the Columbian, the Capitol Limited connected New York, Baltimore, and Washington with Chicago, and in later years the two were combined into a single train.  

Golden Gate Depot is changing out the "Royal Blue" offering for the "Capitol Limited". They  think most of you that reserved the Royal Blue would go for this, and more.  They are making the 1957 Version with the added Budd Sleepers, and Budd Dome Sleeper.

Come on board this iconic train in scale accurate and detailed Aluminum. Designed to run on 054 or larger radius 3 Rail track, 56" Radius 2 Rail Track. Expect all the trimmings.

The dome car will have working flood lights to enjoy the scenery even at night.