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  120 Ton Virginian "Battleship" Gondolas - Reservation 

If you'd like to reserve any of the items on this page, please use the "reserve" button to send us an email. Please include your name, shipping address, item name, rail, road name and quantity. You will receive an electronic reservation confirmation to review once your order has been received and processed.

Battleship Gondolas

MSRP $119.95 ---- Our Price TBA

Available in Virginian, C&O, PRR, and Unlettered

Full Scale Size Based On the VGN 120 Ton Hopper

Highly Detailed with many add-on detailing

ABS Hopper Body, DieCast Trucks.

Separate Coal Load to Be Available.

2R 48" or 3R 042 

20 Car Numbers To Be Produced

Coming in 2020!